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Uniting Pixar fans across the globe to create a traveling scrapbook for Pixar's next film: Up!

UP through the atmoshpere!

UP Tour '09

In 2009, Pixar Animation Studios will release their 10th feature film in 14 years (14 years to fans, 20+ years to Pixar employees)- UP. To celebrate Up and all of Pixar's success, we'd like to send a 'tour book' around the United States, in which fans will get the chance to show their love for Pixar by adding photos and notes to the book. Fans outside the U.S. will be able to participate by sending their pieces directly to us (more info below).

The Community: This tour isn't just about the fans who get to work on the book. This is about celebrating over 20 years of Pixar magic! If you're a Pixar fan, you're welcome to watch this community and keep in touch with what we're doing! However, because of the intense nature of this project, only those who sign up to work on the tour book will be able to become members of the community.

Not an LJ User? Still want to participate? Email us at mynameisdug@hotmail.com and we'll set you up.

Questions, comments, concerns? Take a look at the community F.A.Q.

The Golden Rule... Respect other members, their opinions and their work in the book. Come on people, let's play nice! We're all mature adults here, right? (Oh wait...)

UP where the air is clear!

How it Works: If you'd like to participate in the project, you can sign up to have the tour book sent to you, or sign up to send things in to us. Everyone who signs up will get to work on the book. Our goal is to send the completed tour book to Pixar by December. This means there will be a cut off date for sign up, possibly as early as September- depending on how many people sign up. Once you've signed up (info on how to do so below) and have been approved by a mod (icthyopook or maz_z), you will be invited to join the community, which will grant you access to community chats for everyone working on the book, and allow you to view protected posts further explaining how the book will be sent from person to person. The project is set up this way to ensure that everyone working on the book will have a chance to become comfortable with the other members of the community, because signing up to have the book sent to you does require you to share your address with the mods and select other members. When enough people have signed up, the book will start being sent around from person to person in an order determined by the mods based on community relationships, location and estimated travel time. Each person who receives the book will get to fill one page with pictures, notes, stickers and whatever other scrapbooking tid-bits they like (more info on page spread requirements below). Once the tour book has made it around to everyone who signed up, it will return to mod icthyopook, who will add everything else sent in from fans who couldn't or didn't want to take the book. Come December, it's off to Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville California!

Signing UP: Anyone who wants to participate can sign up here. You'll need to say the magic words to get cleared by a mod. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up! But be advised that you will be responsible for shipping costs to send the book to it's next destination on time.

The Tour Book: You may decorate your one page spread with personal notes to Pixar, doodles/ drawings, stickers, photographs of your Pixar collections- whatever you'd like! Include whatever you'd like Pixar employees to see from you as a fan. Other requirements will be outlined in community posts! We're working on including some kind of theme to tie in with Up, so stay tuned!

UP to the highest height!

Sending the book off to its next destination: Everyone who signs up to have the tour book sent to them will be asked to securely share their address with the mods. We will organize a list of when the book will be sent to whom and for how long. The list will only be viewable to members, i.e. project participants. Once it is posted, members are encouraged to contact the persons listed before and after them. Chat, get to know each other. Everyone on the list will be required to respond to the post, giving the mods permission to share their address with the person listed above of them. Once everyone has done so, we will start sending the book along the chain. Again- only the person listed above you on the list will know your address! Sharing addresses IS NOT OKAY and if you are discovered doing so you will be banned and reported.

Sharing your address over the internet isn't something we encourage people to do freely. This is why we want to establish a community of trust before we start sending the book around. If at any time you become uncomfortable talking to another member, please PM one of the mods right away so that we can resolve the issue. Please do not try to resolve the issue amongst yourselves! This will only blow the issue out of proportion. If the mods determine that a member is not trustworthy, that member will be banned from the community no questions asked.

People who sign up after the list has already been made will be added to the list in order of sign up acceptance and given further instructions by the mods. Don't worry, we'll take care of you!

Sending work in to be added to the book: If you are outside of the U.S. or do not want the responsibility of taking care of the book, you are encouraged to send things in for us to add to the back of the book. You can send small snippets or a full page for us to directly insert into the book. If you are interested in doing this, you still need to sign up, and once you are cleared by a mod you will be given instructions on how to send in your work.

Thank you everyone for participating! Let's make this an awesome flight!

Up Tour Project Director

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